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But on April 4, , the worst-case scenario came true.

While phoning Rob from a pay phone, year-old Hammond remarked that a green Ford pick-up had been circling the block. They talked for another few minutes—until Hammond screamed. Shafer raced to his car and drove to the phones, which were just blocks away. He told police he passed the pick-up driving away, with Hammond screaming his name. He tried to give chase, but his transmission failed, and he watched helplessly as the truck—which had a giant fish decal on the back window—disappeared into the night.

Shafer was initially considered a suspect, but was quickly cleared. Despite the telltale window sticker, police were unable to locate the vehicle or Hammond. They believed her disappearance might have been connected to two other women who were abducted and murdered within miles of Clinton, but no one has ever been charged with the crimes. Cynthia Anderson worked as legal secretary in Toledo, Ohio, sometimes passing the time in her office by reading suspense or romance novels.

In , the year-old told her mother that she had been having a recurring dream about allowing someone into her house who meant her harm.

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At work, she received harassing phone calls to the point her employers—lawyers Jim Rabbit and Jay Feldstein—had an emergency buzzer installed at her desk. When Rabbit arrived at their office the morning of August 4, , they expected to find Anderson behind her desk. Instead, the front door was locked, and Anderson was nowhere to be found.

The novel she had been reading was open to a passage describing a violent abduction. Her car was still in the lot.

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A month later, a mysterious phone call came into police headquarters. She called a second time to tell police the house was occupied, but never contacted them again. Some theorize Anderson may have heard incriminating conversations involving a drug dealer who became concerned that she knew too much. To date, no one has been charged in connection with her disappearance.

20 Most Shocking Unsolved Crimes (Full Documentary)

Hours later, a conductor named Stephen Shroyer was navigating his train through the area when he noticed the teens laying motionless on the tracks; they were covered by a green tarp. Shocked, Shroyer tried to come to an emergency stop, but it was too late. The train ran directly over their bodies. A coroner would later conclude that the boys were asleep on the tracks as a result of smoking 20 or more marijuana cigarettes, a finding that both sets of parents rejected.


Owing to public pressure, the bodies were exhumed so another autopsy could be conducted. The findings revealed that the boys had had one to three marijuana joints, and that one of them was dead and one unconscious before the train ran over them. That, coupled with the fact that Henry appeared to be stabbed and Ives struck with the butt of his own gun, led a grand jury to conclude the case was a double homicide.

In , the Ives family was still pursuing answers with the help of a private investigator.

5 Unsolved Murders That Continue to Mystify

In a bizarre twist, former professional wrestler Billy Jack Haynes claimed he was a witness in the case. He came forward to assert that, at the time, he was involved in drug trafficking in the area, and had been called to the area to make sure a scheduled air drop happened without incident. In , a confidential informant told police the area the boys were in was used to drop drugs from passing aircraft.

According to KATV , Haynes claimed he was present when an air-drop of cocaine took place and that the boys had witnessed the drop. Haynes also said he helped lay the boys on the track.

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  4. Police have not yet commented on his claims. Both Cosgrove and Meurer have been unable to shake the puzzling details that led up to the murder of year-old rapper Tupac Shakur. Earlier that night, the two reportedly got into a physical altercation with members of the Crips street gang. Later, while driving, the men stopped at an intersection. A white Cadillac pulled up and opened fire. Knight was grazed by a bullet, but Shakur was hit four times—twice in the chest, once in the arm, and once in the thigh—and was in bad shape; he died of his wounds six days later.

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    Of the many witnesses, only one came forward: Yafeu Fula, a backup singer for Shakur. Before he could try to identify any suspects or submit to further police questioning, Fula was gunned down at his home in New Jersey. On the evening of December 9, , thousands of eyewitnesses reported seeing a strange light appearing over parts of the northeastern United States and Canada.

    Citizens of Kecksburg, Pennsylvania saw it, too, but they also witnessed a lot of commotion coming from what looked to be a crash site. Local law enforcement was said to have been quickly ordered out of the area by government officials who crowded around an acorn-shaped spacecraft embedded into the ground.

    Reports of the crash being a meteor or some kind of space debris circulated, but UFO researchers have long insisted the incident was extraterrestrial in origin. Others believe it was a spy satellite that the United States wanted to disavow. While two stood guard with machine guns, a third put a fake bomb on the hood to encourage cooperation.

    The explosive rig was similar to one used in a robbery in Baltimore three years earlier. Sometime between the late evening of April 11 and the early morning of April 12, , in Keddie, CA, Glenna Sue Sharp, her son John age 15 , and his friend Dana Wingate age 17 were brutalized in cabin 28 by unknown assailants. The killers used hammers, knives, a pellet gun, and electrical tape to bind, bludgeon, and mutilate their victims. Strangely enough, Glenna Sue's younger sons and their friend, also in cabin 28 in a separate room, emerged from their bedroom unharmed. Glenna Sue's eldest daughter, staying in nearby cabin 27, also survived the night.

    Not so Glenna Sue's other daughter, Tina, aged 12 at the time, who had disappeared. Three years later, a piece of Tina's cranium and other bones were found in Camp Eighteen, about 57 miles south of Keddie. No arrests were ever made in connection with the bloodbath. In , the cursed cabins in Keddie were demolished. We figured a prime minister should make this list, so here's Olof also spelled Olaf Palme, leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party and twice prime minister of his nation.

    Nordic Sweden did not have strict security protocols for their prime minister in , and on the night of February 28, Palme was walking with his wife, Lisbet, unescorted through the streets of Stockholm. An unknown assailant approached the couple and shot them both; Palme was fatally wounded, while Lisbet survived. A petty drug dealer was arrested for the attack, but his conviction was later overturned.

    The Black Dahlia murder case

    The true identity of the assailant and his or her motivation remains unknown. Believe it or not, being a famed bridge player was a thing back in the day, and few were as skilled as Jospeh Bowne Elwell. Elwell used his card shark fame to leverage gambling connections, earning a reputation as a wealthy playboy. On June 11, , somebody shot the bridge champion in the head with a. To this day, a killer has not been found. The murder is also remembered as one of the first real-life locked room murder tales. Mary Pinchot Meyer was a special kind of Cold War DC socialite, the sort of woman who could mingle with all levels of power and influence.

    Since Meyer's death, there has been a running war of theories over whether her murder was linked to some sort of shadowy politics, or if she was the victim of an assault by a deranged individual. In the early 20th century, from a tense stretch of time that spanned May to October , 12 people in New Orleans were attacked, bludgeoned, beaten, and slashed. Seven of these souls died from their wounds. It may never be confirmed that the same assailant attacked all of the above victims, but from then until now, the world ascribed the deeds to the Axeman of New Orleans.

    Victims were largely women, Italian American and poor, and strangely enough, the Axeman often used a weapon found at the premises of his victims, rather than bringing his own murderous implements. The Axeman is perhaps most famous for vowing, via a letter, to murder someone on March 19, , with the caveat that anyone who played jazz music from their house would be spared his wrath. Music echoed across the city that evening; true to the killer's word, no one was harmed. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

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