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Disability news. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. After five more failed attempts, Margo finally became pregnant with Eve.

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Eve was confused to learn all of this, of course, but also excited. She still had a biological father out there, she thought, and she needed to find him. When she turned 18, Eve collected her medical records and sent them to California Cryobank, along with a letter she wrote to Donor the staff agreed to pass along.

About a year later, Eve finally met Steve Scholl. Their connection was so immediate and genuine, she said, that it felt natural.

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Eve had prepared herself for an awkward and cautious interaction, but Scholl proved just as excited as she was. Over time, theirs became a kind of blended family, as they traded emails, talked on the phone, planned cross-country reunions. And years later, when Eve got married, it was Scholl who officiated the ceremony. It was a story that, despite its complications, she was proud to tell. She felt that she had pushed through secrecy and stigma, she said, and now felt a duty to represent the sometimes-marginalized donor-conceived community as best she could.

She and her blended family were in store for another, much darker, twist. Now 30, she had a family of her own and felt secure in who she was. But as the popularity of services like 23andMe and Ancestry grew, so did her curiosity. Many sperm donors have several children born from their donations, so maybe, she thought, she has a few half-siblings out there. Maybe they had been searching for her. So, she bought an in-home testing kit, followed the instructions, and waited.

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Sure enough, Eve got an email a few weeks later, and her genetic family tree started to come into focus. Eve had been matched with someone back in East Texas, somewhere she knew neither Scholl nor his family had ever lived. Eve continued with her search, now afraid of what she might find. But she was completely unprepared when late last year, while trading messages with her latest match, a biological first cousin, she discovered a secret she said was devastating.

The growing realization, she said, suddenly hit her all at once. She steeled herself to deliver heartbreaking news to two of the people she cared about most. I really trusted him. Eve waited three months to tell Scholl.

When she finally called to tell him, she said she listened to him cry for what felt like 15 or 20 minutes, unsure of what else to do or say. Scholl received the results of his own DNA test a few weeks later.

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It revealed that his long-ago sperm donations had indeed produced biological children — but Eve was not one of them. But shock soon gave way to anger.

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She felt deceived, deprived of knowing her true self by actions beyond her control. And Eve soon learned that there were other instances of doctors allegedly using their own in sperm in their fertility practices. Among them was an Indianapolis-based fertility doctor named Donald Cline who was accused in of using his own sperm to artificially inseminate several of his own patients after commercial DNA testing revealed him to be the unexpected nexus of a large genetic family tree.

More than 50 people have since been identified as his offspring. But as Eve continued to conduct research — and prepared to seek answers from the only person who could possibly provide them — she soon stumbled upon one more surprise. In most states, what Dr. So, Eve wrote him a letter, confronting him with the evidence she had compiled.

In response, Dr. McMorries replied. The thinking at that time was that if the patient got pregnant, there was no way to know which sperm affected the conception … No one ever considered the effect of genetic testing 32 years later. On the critical issue of consent, Dr. He said she had agreed to proceed in this fashion.

He would never have proceeded, he said, without her consent. Margo, however, has firmly denied that any such conversation ever took place. To the contrary, she recalled telling him explicitly that she did not want to use a local donor, fearing the distant possibility that her child could one day unknowingly date a half-sibling. In any case, Dr.

McMorries acknowledged that he never told Margo that the local sperm he was using was his own.